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Antique Phones

We at Antique Phones in New Zealand have assisted antique phone lovers around the

world for 15 years with our website antiquephones.co.nz

Is has come time for me to retire and I will no longer be providing the services below, it

has been a long road

We restored telephones from many makers GEC ,Siemens, Kellogg and others, including

Western Electric and Federal.   In the very early years telephones were made from

materials such as timber, metal, Bakelite, and plastic. Bakelite is quite strong and durable,

however, it can be a challenge to repair.

1960s plastic phones were wired for use. The 1950s saw beginning of an extensive colour

range, and eventually many different colour's became available. pedestal phones were

comprised of marble, painted and nickel plated metal, and various fancy timbers.  We

repaired and restored old telephones.

As I no longer work on these old phones please do not ask me to fix them but

I am happy to reply to enquires wanting advise, feel free to email me

Some common questions answered below

How to wire a 1960s to 1970s dial phone

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