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Retro & Antique Rotary Phone Sale:

Yes sale we now have available our very own Tone Dial adaptor selling at $129.00 or just $99.00 with a dial phone.


This means the old rotary phones from a bygone era can be brought back to life. I currently have for sale just 20 dial phones from the 60s and 70s all in really good condition and fully serviced.


We are selling on Facebook Market Place please visit our Facebook page for Listings...

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Antique and retro telephone sales and services. 

We can rewire telephones from the 1950s to the 1980s and enable the ringing part or even make the whole telephone work, wall phones, and desk phones.

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DTMF Dialling:

DTMF is an in-band signaling method using eight different frequencies transmitted in pairs. These tones are the beeps we hear when dialing.


Tone dial from Antique Phones NZ a pulse-tone converter is an adaptor box which plugs into your socket then into the rotary dial phone this then converts the ‘ticks’ produced by the rotary dial to the ‘beeps’ produced by most keypad phones.


It’s a simple device that listens for the pulse clicks and converts them to DTMF tones.

Pulse Dialling With Rotary Dials:

Pulse dialing is very simple as it works with the mechanical rotation of the dial.
As it turns from the dialed digit back to the resting position it toggles the local loop voltage to transmit the data to the exchange. In the old days, these voltage ‘ticks’ were used to rotate mechanical switches in the exchange stations to connect physical circuits needed to complete a call.

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Retro and Antique Rotary Phones.


Can these still be used in New Zealand in 2021?


Yes, but you will need a Tone Dial converter from antique phones NZ.


Analog phones use a rotary dial, most New Zealand models are very similar with only minor differences, for example, the printing of the numbers on the dial is slightly different for some models.  On their own, these telephones would not work with most modern telephone systems.


The ‘pulse dial’ that it produces is not compatible with modern telephone equipment and VoIP adapters alike.


Some areas may still accept pulse signaling depending on the age of their equipment, but in 2021 only Telecom NZ exchanges support this.


Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) signaling has been around for decades.

Antique & Retro Telephone - Dial & Retro Telephones

Dial & Retro Telephones:

Retro telephones including 1980s Telecom Pert series of telephone also most models of telecom push-button telephones from the 1970s and 80s.

Antique & Retro Telephone - Decorator Telephones

Decorator Telephones:

Decorator Telephones 1970s 1980s,  30 to 40 years old but in near new condition these were popular ornate pieces in many New Zealand homes.

Antique & Retro Telephones - Bakelite Telephones

Bakelite Telephones:

Bakelite Telephones were in use from the 1930s until the 1960s all Bakelite phone are pulse dialing, these can still be used in some areas.

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