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Antique & Retro Telephone - Sale

Retro & Antique Rotary Phone Sale:

Yes sale we now have available our very own Tone Dial adaptor selling at $129.00.


This means the old rotary phones from a bygone era can be brought back to life. I currently have for sale just 20 dial phones from the 60s and 70s all in really good condition and fully serviced.


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Antique & Retro Telephones - The Bakelite Telephones 1930 to 1950s'

Bakelite Phones 1930 to 1950s':

Bakelite telephones refer to a type of telephone that was popular during the mid-20th century. Bakelite is a type of early plastic, patented by Belgian-American chemist Leo Hendrik Baekeland in 1907. It was the first truly synthetic plastic, known for its durability, heat resistance, and electrical non-conductivity.

Bakelite telephones became widespread from the 1930s to the 1950s, during the height of the Art Deco and mid-century modern design movements. The telephones were made from Bakelite, which was molded into various shapes and forms to create the telephone's body. Bakelite telephones were available in different styles, including desk phones, wall-mounted phones, and even portable models.

These telephones were typically rotary dial phones, which required users to rotate a dial to select the desired number. The rotary dial featured numbered holes, and users would place their finger in the corresponding hole for each digit, then rotate the dial back to its original position. This action sent electrical pulses down the phone line to connect the call.

Bakelite telephones were known for their sturdiness and distinctive appearance. They came in various colors, with black being the most common, but other shades like ivory, brown, and marbled patterns were also available. The phones often had a streamlined design with smooth curves, embodying the aesthetic of the era.

Although Bakelite telephones were eventually replaced by newer telephone technologies, they remain popular among collectors and enthusiasts today. They are prized for their nostalgic value and vintage appeal.

1940's Bakelite Telephone:

DISPLAY ONLY 1940's Bakelite telephone this is one of the early phones which were converted to the newly introduced automated dial. Will make a great display for a period house $199.00.

Antique & Retro Telephones - British 1950s phone

British 1950s Phone:

SOLD / DISPLAY ONLY British 1950's Bakelite phone with the draw in the bottom original condition with original fabric leads and instructions in the bottom draw.

Antique & Retro Telephones - Bakelite wall telephone

Bakelite Wall Telephone:

DISPLAY ONLY Bakelite Telecom wall telephone these phones were originally manually operated and with the automated dial in the 1940's. $149.00.

1920's Bakelite Telephone:

DISPLAY ONLY 1920 Bakelite telephone display only, this has a broken crank handle suited to display film prop 1920s Ericsson phone $99.00.

Antique & Retro Telephone - 1920s Bakelite Desk Telephone

1920's Bakelite Desk Telephone:

DISPLAY ONLY 1920's Bakelite desk phone manual crank handle type this was before the introduction of the new dial was introduced, manual no dial $99.00.

1920's Bakelite Desk Telephone:

DISPLAY ONLY Red 1950's Bakelite Telephone, HB 673: This is one of the early colored Bakelite phones. In excellent condition—very rare in this great condition—colored bakelite phones faded badly when introduced in the 40s, and not many still survive. This phone is a collector's item. see our aucion on Trade me

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