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Antique & Retro Telephone - Sale

Retro & Antique Rotary Phone Sale:

Yes sale we now have available our very own Tone Dial adaptor selling at $129.00.


This means the old rotary phones from a bygone era can be brought back to life. I currently have for sale just 20 dial phones from the 60s and 70s all in really good condition and fully serviced.


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Telecom Dial Phones

Telecom dial telephones New Zealand from the 60s to 80s:

Telecom dial telephones were used in New Zealand during the era when Telecom New Zealand (now known as Spark) was the country's primary telecommunications provider. Telecom New Zealand introduced dial telephones as a replacement for manual or operator-assisted telephone services.

In New Zealand, the introduction of dial telephones began in the late 1950s and continued through the 1960s and 1970s.

Before dial telephones, people had to pick up the phone and wait for an operator to connect their call manually. With the introduction of dial telephones, users could dial the desired number directly without operator assistance.

The dial telephones in New Zealand followed the standard rotary dial system. These telephones had a circular dial with numbers from 1 to 0, and users would rotate the dial to input the desired phone number. The dial had a series of clicks as it rotated back to its original position after each number was dialed.

In the early days of dial telephones, the rotary system used pulse dialing, where each number dialed would generate a series of electrical pulses corresponding to the number's position on the dial. These pulses would be transmitted to the telephone exchange to establish the call.

Later advancements in telephone technology introduced touch-tone dialing, where each number on the dial had a specific tone associated with it. However, this technology was introduced after the era of Telecom New Zealand's dial telephones.

Over time, Telecom New Zealand and other telecommunications providers in the country transitioned to more modern telecommunication systems, including digital exchanges and the adoption of mobile phones. As a result, dial telephones became obsolete and were gradually phased out.

Today, New Zealand primarily uses digital and mobile telecommunication systems, and rotary dial telephones are no longer in common use. However, you may still find vintage or antique dial telephones in some households or museums as a reminder of the past telecommunication technology.

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