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Antique & Retro Telephone - Sale

Retro & Antique Rotary Phone Sale:

Yes sale we now have available our very own Tone Dial adaptor selling at $129.00.


This means the old rotary phones from a bygone era can be brought back to life. I currently have for sale just 20 dial phones from the 60s and 70s all in really good condition and fully serviced.


We are selling on Facebook Market Place please visit our Facebook page for Listings...

Antique & Retro Telephones - Our Services & What We Offer
Antique & Retro Telephones - Our Services

Our Services & What We Offer:

  • We repair and rewire antique and retro telephones.
  • We sell antique and retro telephones working or display      
  • We sell antique and retro telephones working or display models.
  • Service and restore older telephones from the 1920's to the 1980's.
  • We rewire telephones to work with most New Zealand exchanges.
  • Restore most of the old wooden phones and film prop rental.

Antique & Retro Telephones Services:

We service what we sell

Not all antique phones can be made to work, but many can. If possible send us a photo of the telephone you are inquiring about.

Email us:
Give us a call: 09 971 7655 or 
021 685 400

Antique & Retro Telephones - Our Services & What We Offer
Antique & Retro Telephones - Our Services

Rewiring antique and retro telephones:

  • Rewiring antique and retro telephones can be a rewarding project for enthusiasts who enjoy restoring and repurposing vintage technology. However, it's important to note that working with electrical components requires technical knowledge and caution to ensure safety and avoid damage. Here's a general guide on rewiring antique and retro telephones:

    1. Gather the necessary tools and equipment: You'll need a basic toolkit that includes wire strippers, a soldering iron, solder, electrical tape, and a multimeter for testing continuity and voltage.


    2. Understand the telephone's wiring diagram: Antique and retro telephones often have different wiring configurations. Obtain the wiring diagram or schematic specific to the telephone model you are working on. These can usually be found online or in vintage telephone restoration guides.


    3. Disconnect the telephone: Ensure that the telephone is disconnected from any power source before starting the rewiring process. Unplug it from the telephone jack or any other connections.


    4. Remove the casing: Open the telephone casing by unscrewing or unlatching it, exposing the internal components. Take note of how the existing wires are connected before proceeding further.


    5. Inspect the wiring: Carefully examine the wires for any signs of damage, such as fraying or insulation deterioration. If any wires are damaged, they should be replaced with suitable replacements.


    6. Remove the old wiring: Use wire strippers to remove the old insulation from the wires, exposing the conductive metal. Take note of the color coding or labeling of the original wires.


    7. Prepare new wiring: Cut the replacement wires to the appropriate length, ensuring they match the original wire's gauge and color. Strip a small portion of insulation from each end of the replacement wire.


    8. Connect the new wiring: Referencing the telephone's wiring diagram, connect the new wires to their respective terminals or contacts. Use a soldering iron and solder to make secure connections. Ensure that each wire is connected to the correct terminal, following the diagram precisely.


    9. Insulate the connections: Once the wires are securely soldered, insulate each connection using electrical tape or heat shrink tubing. This will prevent short circuits and ensure safety.


    10. Test the telephone: Reassemble the telephone casing and connect it to a telephone line or power source, depending on the type of telephone. Use a multimeter to test the continuity and voltage of the connections. Ensure that the telephone is functioning properly and that the rewiring was successful.

    Remember, rewiring antique telephones requires technical expertise, so if you're unsure about any step, it's best to consult with an experienced technician or professional who specializes in vintage telephone restoration.

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Phone & Email: 09 971 7655 or 021 685 400